We're happy to be back behind bars, but life at Wentworth couldn't be more different.
Here's what went down in the first episode of Season 5.

The conspicuous absence of a certain fiery redhead meant that our fears were confirmed.

Despite the brutal stabbing in the final moments of last year’s finale, some of us were still holding out hope that Bea Smith would survive.

But sadly, that wasn’t to be. Bea thought she had nothing left to live for, and her sacrifice ultimately set her free.

The opening moments of the episode show a montage of the other inmates, in a moving reflection of their grief.

We cried for Liz and Doreen, as they comforted each other. For Booms and Max, and Kaz, all united in their shock.


And Allie. Poor Allie.  

She returns to Wentworth, looking like a hollow shell of her former self.  

Understandably, she’s hell bent on avenging Bea. 

When Ferguson returns to the general population at Wentworth, she’s all set to accept her fate.  

However, Kaz, the new acting Top Dog, has other ideas. “The violence ends now,” she says.

She insists that Ferguson is invisible, nobody so much as looks at her.

However, Allie attacks Ferguson at the first possible opportunity.

The others inmates step in to back her up, and it erupts into an all-out brawl.

The Freak gets feral though. She fights like a giant, and takes down anyone who comes near her.

Allie winds up in the hospital again.  

Meanwhile, Vera is trying to cover her tracks and figure out what really happened.

Pushing aside her own involvement in Bea’s death, she compromises her ethics, and pins it on a scapegoat.

She’s still oblivious to Jake Stewart’s alliance with Ferguson, as his lies continue to spill out with ease. 

On the outside, Franky is loving being free.

She’s secured a respectable job, and her relationship with Bridget is a happy one.

That is, until she runs into the reason for her imprisonment.

Mike Pennisi shows up, still carrying the scars of Frankie’s rage.

Harbouring guilt, Franky agrees to have coffee with him, assuming it will end there.

However, behind closed doors, we see that Pennisi is harbouring a creepy obsession with Franky.

When she wants nothing to do with him, he turns violent.  

The final moments see Franky arrested for Pennisi's murder.

We’re pretty sure Franky didn’t commit the crime, and the obvious explanation is that Pennisi set her up on purspose.

However, it's a dark and twisted web, and who really knows what people are capable of.

Selfishly though, we’re a little excited at the prospect of seeing Franky in the traditional teal once more… 

Watch the full episode here.
Episode 2 of Wentworth airs next Monday, 8.30pm on TVNZ 2