Our jaws are still on the floor after Wentworth’s latest installment.
We’re suitably tongue-tied.
“Loudmouth” has a whole new meaning.

If you have a weak stomach, we suggest you don’t scroll down any further.

When Lucy “Juice” busted her tooth, hacking blood everywhere in the cafeteria, we were mildly disgusted.
Little did we know, the worst was yet to come.

In episode 6, an alliance forms between Lucy “Juice” Cambaro and Joan “The Freak” Ferguson.
It’s obvious that it will be short-lived though. We know the Freak isn’t out to make friends. 

Juice and the Freak in the cafeteria together.

So when Juice goes to the dentist to have her tooth fixed, she’s in more danger than she knows.
Having blackmailed the nurse, Ferguson gains access to a groggy and helpless Juice.

When the dentist steps in, it’s actually Joan in disguise.
There’s no mistaking those crazy eyes though.

Juice in the dentist chair, at the mercy of the Freak.

When the realisation dawns, Juice has no way of defending herself.  
“You’ve licked you last p!@#y,” the Freak whispers, taunting.

In possibly the most gruesome Wentworth scene yet, the Freak takes a scalpel and cuts out Juice’s tongue.
Shocked and bleeding, she runs out into the yard, spluttering and utterly terrifying everyone (most of all, us).
Vera cops the worst of it, on the receiving end of a face full of blood. 

Juice, bleeding out in the Wentworth yard.

The entire scene lasts less than five minutes, but we won’t be forgetting it in a hurry.
Revenge and violence are recurring themes in Wentworth prison, but this is next level.

The other inmates rally around the Freak though, impressed rather than horrified.
They claim that she gave Juice what she deserved, when Kaz wouldn’t.  

A new top dog rises. A complete psychopath in power. This can only mean trouble. 

The Freak rises as Top Dog.



Wentworth airs Mondays at 8.30pm on TVNZ 2, or stream full episodes right here.