Liz takes the stand to testify against Sonia, Franky's defenses unravel, and the Freak has something up her sleeve.



Hoping for an early release in return, Liz agreed to take the stand and testify against Sonia.

She was pretty quick to accept the challenge, depsite the risks.

We suspect her feelings for Don (the prosecutor) gave her a false sense of security.  

She probably thought his kiss would seal the deal, bless her.

Liz and Don getting close.

Doreen tried to warn Liz it wouldn’t end well, and she was proven right soon enough.  

Under the pseudonym “Witness X”, Liz declared Sonia a murderer. And quickly went from “screw” to screwed.

Liz taking the stand in court.

Liz's lies caught up with her. Under pressure from Sonia's defense lawyers, she crumbled.

Now she could be charged with perjury, adding years to her sentence. Her heartbreak is our heartbreak. 

Also, it’s only a matter of time before Sonia finds out, which puts old Lizzy in grave danger. 

Sonia inside Wentworth, awaiting the results of her trial.

Other things worth mentioning in this episode:

Franky’s determination reached a new level. In her quest to be independent, and prove her innocence, she pushed Bridget away for good.

She also works out that Ferguson might not be the one behind Mike Pennisi's murder. We’re left wondering too.

Ferguson meanwhile, appears to be playing both sides. She's keeping faith with Kaz’s wishes , but also offering her support to Tina and her illicit drug crusade.

Vera may have thwarted Ferguson’s plan to expose Franky and Bridget’s relationship, but we know this is only the beginning of the Freak’s plans to take Vera down.

Better watch your back, Governor. 

Franky studying in her cell.
Ferguson threatening Vera.


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