Joan "The Freak" Ferguson behind bars.

Warning: Spoilers ahead, watch the full episode here.

The time has come for Joan “The Freak” Ferguson to face up to her crimes.

The women of Wentworth finally rise against her, in arguably the most dramatic episode of the series.

One of television’s greatest villains, Ferguson’s gotten away with a lot. 

She’s been responsible for the deaths of many Wentworth inmates, including fan favourite Bea Smith.

Allie almost died at the hands of The Freak too, and Franky’s facing life imprisonment because of her.

Not to mention almost burning Wentworth to the ground back in season 3.

She also completely broke Vera’s heart, and that, in itself is unforgivable. 

All with a sick, sadistic smile on her face.

So we’re glad when Kaz decides to man up and face her head on.

Kaz and her thugs hunt down the Freak.

At first, Ferguson doesn’t seem concerned in the slightest.

When Kaz tells her, “justice is coming,” her response is pretty comical. “Okay great, I’ll put the kettle on.” Classic Joan. 

But when Franky comes for her, flanked by her cronies, we see the first flicker of fear in Ferguson’s eyes.  “It’s your day in court, Freak.”

At this point we’re practically cheering.

Things get pretty morbid in the final moments though…

They escort Ferguson to the yard, take Officer Miles as a hostage, and order the rest of the guards to step aside. 

The Freak is frogmarched into the Wentworth yard.

Kaz gives a momentous speech. “You don’t have to be afraid anymore, she’s just one woman. We don’t need a Top Dog who controls us by terrorising us into submission.”

However, it’s not until Franky rattles off all the horrible things the Freak’s done, that the inmates really start to listen.

The yard erupts, as the women start chanting “GUILTY!” over and over again.

Franky riles up the Wentworth inmates.

Finally the Freak cracks, revealing her true insanity. “Without me you’re nothing more than pigs, filthy pigs.” 

 Kaz thinks she’s won, the coup has been successful, she takes a bow.

But the rest of the women are consumed by rage. They’re not done with the Freak yet…

A noose flies over the crowd, and lands at Ferguson’s feet.

Kaz is pushed aside. The inmates descend on Ferguson and string her up, strangling her.  

Unable to take any more, Vera ignores her orders and runs to intervene. 

She cuts Ferguson down, and attempts to resuscitate her. It looks like old Vera gets to her just in the nick of time.  

Is the Freak's time in Wentworth over?

If we know the Freak at all though, we know she won’t go down that easily.

If she survives this, she’ll be out for blood.

 “You take Ferguson down, she’ll just rise up again…” We hope you’re wrong, Franky. 

The season finale of Wentworth airs next Monday at 8.30pm on TVNZ 2.

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