Pamela Rabe as Joan "The Freak" Ferguson

Although she’s presumed dead, nothing is ever certain, and The Freak’s presence still hangs over the characters like a silent threat. 

Call us masochists, but we’re kind of hoping she’ll return in the upcoming season, to wreak more havoc and keep the inmates on their toes. 

Here’s why Joan “The Freak” Ferguson is the villain we love to hate. 

She’s unpredictable.

Joan’s psychopathic tendencies mean that you’re never quite sure what her next move will be, only that whatever it is will likely cause pain and humiliation for somebody.

Her physical presence is super creepy. 

Those spidery hands, and calculated, fluid gait. Not to mention the soft, threatening voice, it’s like cold liquid steel, something out of a nightmare. 

She started out as a villainous caricature, now she’s multi-dimensional. 

From governor to prisoner, Top Dog to most-hated inmate. Every now and then we see a vulnerable side of her, which almost induces sympathy. But then she recovers and she’s back to creepy old Joan. 

She operates entirely alone. 

The Freak has no need for sidekicks or allies, just people she can manipulate and use as pawns. She forms no attachments, and nobody is ever on her good side, because she doesn’t have one. 

She lives for mind games. 

And she executes them perfectly. She can easily break a person just by getting inside their head. 

She’s really hard to kill. 

She survived a lynching for goodness sake, and escaped a deadly inferno. Perhaps that's why digging herself out of her grave doesn't seem so far-fetched...

She’s an ice queen. 

It appears Joan Ferguson has no actual feelings, except for rage which occasionally presents itself when she lets her mask slip. 

Pamela Rabe wears the villain badge with pride. 

Rabe LOVES playing The Freak, and therefore does the role a great justice. She’s proud to have earned the respect and hatred of viewers worldwide. At 183cm tall, Rabe admits that some people find her intimitading in real life, but she’s not interested in making people like her, “I’d rather it be a much fuller, more dangerous relationship,” she says. 

Will the Freak return for one more shot at revenge?
Wentworth Season 6 premieres Tuesday 24 July at 8.30pm on TVNZ 2. 
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