Warning: Spoilers below. Watch the full episode here.

Things were going so well for Bridget and Franky, until they were separated by circumstance.

With Franky back on the inside, Bridget is consumed by doubt and unwarranted suspicion.

Bridget’s jealousy is transparent, when she tries to warn Allie that she should stay away from Franky.

Hiding behind the mask of concerned counsellor, Bridget’s convincing nobody.


Bridget corners Allie in the corridor.

Little does she know, Franky and Allie’s relationship is purely platonic at this point, stemming from their shared interest in escaping Wentworth.

The cracks are starting to show though.

Scoping out an escape route, Allie and Franky sneak into the laundry.

When they’re busted by Ferguson, they pretend a make-out session is the reason for their secret meeting.

Unfortunately for Franky, the Freak goes straight to Bridget and tells her what she’s seen. 

Franky and Allie are busted by Ferguson.

Understandably, Bridget assumes the worst.

She sinks into despair, drinking heavily and going home for the day.

Vera is understanding, but makes it clear that she can’t keep turning a blind eye. 

Bridget turns to Vera for comfort.

Bridget ends up resigning from her job at Wentworth.

When Franky questions her decision, Bridget says “I can’t be here anymore. I can’t be here, and not be with you. It’s too hard.”

Franky refuses to accept it. “I’ll find a way for us to be together,” she says.

But Bridget is adamant, “we need a clean break.” 

Franky tries to convince Bridget to stay.

Our hearts break for both of them, as Bridget drives away from Wentworth for the last time. 

Overcome by grief, Franky goes straight to Allie for comfort.

Although Allie fights it, there’s no denying their attraction.

One relationship ends for Franky, but as we know, Wentworth can be a lonely place.

Will their partnership become something more? Is there a future for “Frallie?” 

Franky succumbs to her heartbreak.

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