This week’s episode of Wentworth has us torn.
We feel bad for Franky, as she clearly doesn’t want to be behind bars, but on the other hand we’re stoked to have her back in our lives. 


Franky Doyle back inside.


In Episode 2, we see Franky make the all-too-familiar walk back in Wentworth Correctional Centre.

Stripped of her freedom, looking downcast, she's led through the yard. A place where she never thought she'd find herself again.  

Even an overexcited Boomer can't cheer her up. She trashes her cell and won’t engage with any of the inmates. 

Franky arriving at Wentworth.

Franky’s convinced that her stay will be just temporary, determined to prove her innocence.

But with a murder charge hanging over her, and her DNA found on the weapon, things aren’t looking too positive for her. 

Franky hearing the bad news in the interrogation room.

Kaz is quick to assert her Top Dog status, paying Franky a visit in her new cell.

Franky’s response is priceless. “Is this the part where you cock your leg and spray in the corner? I’d rather suck d*ck than be Top Dog again.”

Oh how we missed you! 

Kaz paying Franky a visit.

Later Franky apologises for being harsh with Boomer, and the old mates have a proper reunion.

For a moment it feels like everything’s right with the world. “I just want the family back together.” Don’t we all, Booms! 

Franky being reunited with her old cellmates.

Franky does shows her feisty side though, when she figures out the Freak has tried to frame her.

It’s looking like a classic cafeteria riot is about to break out, but then Franky remembers herself and backs down.

“You’re lucky I’m not the old me,” she says to Ferguson, which sounds an awful lot like a threat. 

Franky threatens Ferguson in the cafeteria.

With Franky being a prisoner again, things aren’t looking good for her and Bridget.

The pair manage to wrangle a private meeting, but ultimately they have to get used to being apart.

Bridget tells Franky she has to hold tight, “for the both of us.”  

Is Fridget over for good?  We hope not, can’t take any more emotional strain right now. 

Franky and Bridget sharing a quick moment together.

Allie tries her best to befriend Franky, who’s reluctant at first.

This could potentially be the start of a new partnership, but we’re not sure how we feel about it.

Allie insists she’s going to kill Ferguson, for Bea, but Franky warns her against it. 

Allie trying to get Franky on side.

The final moments of the episode see Franky don the traditional team uniform once more.

Has she accepted her fate?

Franky settling back into prison life.

Other things worth mentioning in this episode:

Maxine departs for Barnhurst to have her treatment, leaving us with a hole in our hearts.

A twitchy Liz prepares to take the stand and be a witness against Sonia. She’s playing with fire.

Jake tries to ditch his alliance with Ferguson, but she seems to have him wrapped around her finger.

And the Freak gets freakier, if that’ possible. She reveals the extent of her psychosis, talking to herself in the mirror.