Inmate Franky Doyle in Season 1

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It’s about time we got some good news, and in an emotional episode of Wentworth, things finally came together for Franky.

Underneath the tough exterior, Franky’s an intelligent woman with a heart of gold - a victim of circumstance, sometimes ruled by her own fiery temper. So when she escaped Wentworth Prison last season to clear her name, we were really rooting for her. 

When we first went behind bars in 2013, Franky was Top Dog. As vile as she was violent, she was serving 7 years for aggravated assault. 

She asserted her dominance over the show’s protagonist, Bea Smith, quickly painting herself as the villain. But her sharp tongue and restless energy made Franky impossible to dislike. 

In Season 3, she was granted parole, and used her newfound freedom to help young people who, like her, found themselves on the wrong side of the law. 

However, everything started to fall apart again for Franky when Mike Pennisi, whom she originally assaulted, came back into her life. 

Pennisi became obsessed with Franky, which drove his jealous girlfriend to murder him. She successfully framed Franky for the murder, and our girl found herself back behind bars. 

Desperate to prove her innocence, Franky took her fate into her own hands. She hatched a plan to escape Wentworth in a gardening box, pulling it off in the final moments of Season 5. 

Franky with onscreen partner, Bridget Westfall.

This season, desperate and alone on the outside, with the police on her tail, Franky struggled to get the information she needed.

Fleeing the authorities, she suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder, and we thought it was all over for her. But with a little help from her loyal and resourceful lover, Bridget, Franky uncovers a secret storage unit, containing enough incriminating evidence to clear her name. 

Tucked up safe and sound in the hospital, Franky’s handcuffs are removed, for good this time, we hope. 

After six years of drama and injustice, in one of TV’s most compelling character arcs ever, Franky’s happy ending was enough to bring us to tears. 

Nicole Da Silva, who plays Franky, also found it hard to say goodbye. “When you play a character for that long, something always remains.”

We'll miss you Franky!

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