To be completely honest, we weren’t sure whether life would go on after Bea’s death. But this season has delivered more drama than we ever could’ve dreamed up.

The next season better hurry up, because they can't leave us hanging like that.

Here are our parting thoughts on Season 5. 

WARNING: Spoilers below. Watch the full episode here

What we know:

1. Jake Stewart is a broken man.

The Freak has well and truly ruined him. In the end he’s just too weak to escape her clutches.

When Jackson figures out he's been helping Joan, Jake completely breaks down. With nobody to control him, he’s like a lost little boy.

It also became clear recently that Jake did actually care for Vera, but he messed that up irreversibly too. 

Jake, trying to find purpose in his ruined world.


2. Vera Bennett is queen.

This season Vera had a pretty tough ride.

She thought she’d struck gold, with the top job and the loving boyfriend. But it all came crashing down around her.

Her experiences have left her down, but not out…

In the final episode we get the steely Vera Bennett back. She shows no sympathy when the Freak begs her for protection.

And she goes on to deliver THE monologue of the season (to Jake).

    “You are the biggest mistake I have ever made. You are not a man. You are a puppet, with Ferguson’s hand so far up your a** you will never be free of her. You have no backbone, no morals, no conscience whatsoever. The thought of sharing a bed with you makes me feel physically sick. Stop your self-pitying bulls**t, find yourself another job and stay the f**k away from me.”  

All hail Queen Vera. 

Vera, game face on.


3. Liz is gutsier than she looks.

Lizzie’s made herself a dangerous rival in Sonia Stevens.

Sonia’s become almost as bad as The Freak lately, with her controlling tendencies and her softly-spoken threats. Maybe her new nickname could be “The Creep.”

Liz surprises us (and herself) with her nerve though. When she stumbles across some illegal contraband in a bag of mulch, Liz uses it to lace a cup of tea. Said tea then falls into Sonia’s hands. So devious.

Liz also catches on to Franky’s escape plan, but puts her own fears aside for the sake of Franky’s freedom. The pair share a tearful moment, knowing they’re going separate ways, but neither wanting to say the word “goodbye”. 

Liz, shocked by her own courage.


4. Boomer is the unspoken hero of the prison.

We were so happy when Booms found her calling in this season’s gardening project. She’s an expert welder, and her newfound power really suits her.

When she figures out Franky’s plan to escape through the warehouse, Boomer thinks it will jeopardise her position. At first she threatens to lag.

However, true to her character, Booms ends up helping Franky out. Using her potty-mouth as a means of distraction, she helps Franky get past the guard. Bless her. 

Boomer, taking one for the team.


5. Wentworth’s walls CAN be breached.

Franky’s escape plan was dicey at best, but she manages to pull it off.

Stuffed inside a packing crate, Franky rides right out of there in the back of a truck. She thinks Allie is right there beside her BUT… 

6. Allie hasn't moved on.

On the outside, Franky discovers a note in her jacket pocket, from Allie. “Run like hell, go clear your name.”

Turns out Allie’s still consumed by the idea of avenging Bea. We discover, in a moment of epic revelation, that she’s shared the escape plan with Jake, who’s passed it on to Ferguson in a last-ditch effort to redeem himself.

Cut to a creepy as heck dark forest scene, where a hooded figure is digging a hole… Joan thinks she’s getting out, but then (WTF!) Will Jackson buries her alive!

A picture of Bea is taped to the top of her makeshift coffin. Ruthless justice comes for the Freak, and we can’t help cackling with evil glee. 

Will Jackson, angel of death.


What we don't know:

1. Will Jackson and Vera, the new dream team?

These two are perhaps the only (semi) decent correctional staff Wentworth's ever seen.

Now that all the corruption has been addressed, will they finally be able to put things right and run the prison together?

Our inmates deserve no less...

2. Will Franky clear her name? 

Franky has her freedom, but can she keep it?

Will she get caught and be shipped straight back to Wentworth? Worse things have happened.

A happy ending for Fridget is all we’ve ever wanted, but clearing her name while on the run isn’t going to be easy for Franky.

She needs to get as far away as possible, but something tells us the lure of love will hold her back… 

Franky, departing Wentworth for (hopefully) the last time.


3. What will Liz's fate be?

Right now it’s unclear whether Sonia will even wake up. Liz’s poisonous tea knocked her good.

If Sonia does recover, will she put two and two together?

Liz could be in serious danger, and without Franky to protect her we don’t really like her chances… 

Sonia, incapacitated at the hands of Liz.


4. Will the Freak rise from the dead?

Her chances don’t look so good right now…

But to be honest we’re not even sure if she’s human. So clawing her way out of an early grave probably wouldn’t be all that surprising… 


Stream the final Season 5 episodes right here.

Season 6 has officially been confirmed, so stay tuned for updates!