Governor Vera Bennett

WARNING: This article contains spoilers. Stream the latest Wentworth episode right here

1. A new character, how nice. Forgive us if we don’t get attached. 

2. Vera is still queen of Wentworth, PLEASE just let her have a win this season. 

3. How do Rita and Ruby (the new blood) know each other? 

4. “Sugar tits” might be the best prison nickname ever. Or the worst. 

5. Is Franky trying to look suss on purpose? Like, pulling your hood up is not a proper disguise.

6. Did Liz just forget everything that happened to her last year? She’s way too chill. 

7. Bridget, what would Franky do without you? 

8. Jake says Ferguson’s dead, but HOW CAN WE BE SURE? 

9. Rita instantly knows the way to Boomer’s heart, Monte Carlos. Genius. 

10. Allie and Ruby have to be the new romantic storyline. Called it. 

11. Is it wrong that we’re missing Sonia the psychopath? Just a little. 

12. Kaz just put someone’s hand through a sewing machine. What the actual f***? Look away. 

13. Will really needs a cuddle. 

14. Franky’s luck has got to run out at some point…

15. Surely nobody believes Booms is actually capable of murder. 

16. There’s no way we’ll ever pity you Jake. Get out of Vera’s face. 

17. Does Franky just live in that old abandoned train now? Sorry, but… where does she go to the bathroom? 

18. HOLY CRAP Vera’s up the duff. 

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