If you're not sucked in already, prepare yourselves.


1. The writing and the acting are top notch...

There’s a reason why the show’s so addictive.

Sure, the storylines are dark and the characters go through hell, but the standard of drama is matched by very few others in the field.

The cast are predominantly female, and their talent shines through.

The scripts are heavy on the gory details, and the actors bring them to life without so much as flinching. 

The Wentworth Correctional Facility staff.

2. Nobody is ever safe...

If Bea’s death has taught us anything, it’s that Wentworth is a dangerous place.

When she met her fate in the final moments of Season 4, we thought we might never recover.

We’ll stay strong for Allie and the girls, but we can’t help wondering who’ll be next on the chopping block. 


The Freak behind bars.

3. The Freak demands attention...

Pamela Rabe is simply mesmerising, bringing to life one of TV’s best, and most hated baddies.

Joan "The Freak" Ferguson is the perfect villain, unhinged and unpredictable. She's frightfully insane, but it's impossible to look away.

Ferguson will have some tricks up her sleeve this season too, and we're excited (and terrified) to see what she does next.

“Her objectives are quite ruthless, and she’s very focused on them,” Pamela says. 


Allie's as lost as we are after losing Bea.

4. Revenge is sweet...

Allie’s determination to avenge Bea is admirable.

We all want to see the Freak go down for her crimes, but taking her on is a fool’s game.

Things will undoubtedly come to a head though, and we’re hoping and praying that good will conquer evil. 



Franky back inside Wentworth.

5. Franky's back inside...

We don’t like to be biased, but our favourite inmate is back inside Wentworth and we couldn’t be happier.

Sure, we’re heartbroken for Franky as well. Just when things were looking up, she’s back inside where she clearly doesn’t want to be.

And proving her innocence is not going to be an easy road.

But selfishly, we rejoiced a little when she donned those traditional teals once more. 


Wentworth airs Mondays at 8.30pm on TVNZ 2, or watch the full episodes right here.