Played by Robbie Magasiva

Time at Wentworth: 5 years

Title: Deputy Governor

Having trained as a social worker, Will knew what he was in for when he moved into corrections and was determined to make a difference.

A calmer Will returned for season 2 as he accepts Meg’s killer, Jacs Holt, has paid the ultimate price with her own life.  However, in season 3, he learns that Franky was in fact the one who killed his wife.

Determined to move on after Meg’s death, Will finds solace with prison nurse Rose Atkins in season 3.  Their blossoming relationship is hijacked when Will is suspected of murdering Harry Smith and a vigilante group supporting Bea, headed by Kaz Proctor, targets him.

Season 4 opens with Will coming face to face with Kaz, hell bent on revenge