Played by Kate Atkinson

Time at Wentworth: 9 years

Title: Governor of Wentworth Correctional Centre

While Vera lacks social skills and is a loner, the public humiliation of being ambushed in the kitchen and slipping in deliberately spilt vinegar in season 2, has a charring impact on Vera’s persona moving forward.

When Vera euthanized her controlling and manipulative mother Rita in season 2, it unleashes an ambition in Vera, aligning herself more with Ferguson.

When Vera discovers that Ferguson sacrificed her to prisoners during an attempted take-over resulting in her contracting hepatitis C, Vera knows she has to stop Ferguson.

The demise of Ferguson at the end of season 3, sees Vera return as the Governor of Wentworth with an objective to never be subservient to Ferguson or anyone again. 

Vera soon learns in season 4, that she will need more than bars to keep Ferguson at a safe distance when the former governor recruits some unlikely allies.