Kate Atkinson as Governor Vera Bennett

Played by Kate Atkinson

Time at Wentworth: 9 years

Title: Governor of Wentworth Correctional Centre

Vera became the new Governor of Wentworth in Season 4.

She's no longer lacking social skills, as she was when she first joined the Wentworth staff.

However, public humiliation of being ambushed in the kitchen and slipping in deliberately spilt vinegar, has had an impact on Vera’s persona.

Vera euthanized her controlling and manipulative mother, and it unleashed a fierce ambition in her.

When she discovered that Ferguson had sacrificed her to prisoners, resulting in her contracting hepatitis C, Vera knew she had to stop Ferguson. 

The arrival of handsome and charismatic guard Jake Stewart ignited a passion in Vera, but their relationship was destined to fail.