Played by Sigrid Thornton

Inmate number: 986485

Charge: On remand, awaiting trial for murder.

Sentence: To be determined.

Served: Recently arrived.

Sonia is the wealthy but self-made dynamo behind a cosmetics empire that was owned and run by her late husband, Geoffrey Stevens.  While Geoffrey was from a wealthy family, Sonia was not. 

And while Geoffrey was something of a dabbler, Sonia is passionate, hard working and has always had the ability to focus on a goal and achieve it, no matter how elusive it may at first seem.  And she is rather ruthless.  If necessary she’ll walk over those in her way, particularly if they’re too stupid or lazy to get the hell out of it.  Of course, she can be charming too, as evidenced by the fact she managed to charm her way into the heart and luxurious lap of one of the establishment’s most eligible bachelors. 

However, after 17-years of marriage, there is little love left.  Geoffrey’s philandering, gambling, boozing ways had become a liability – not only socially but for the company as well and Sonia was simply fed up with having to endure his cavalier attitude in the face of all her hard work. Then Geoffrey disappeared.  As far as the world knows, Geoffrey is suspected of suiciding after a devastating cancer diagnosis. 

When Sonia’s best friend Helen Masters also goes missing, the police are suspicious and have gathered enough circumstantial evidence to charge her with murder.  So Sonya finds herself on remand, awaiting trial.  Surprisingly, this doesn’t seem to faze her.  Inside she will have the same energetic, positive, just-get-on-with-it attitude that would endear her to her fellow inmates if she weren’t quite so blunt.  What they don’t know but will discover, is that Sonia has one great big ace up her sleeve.