Played by Socratis Otto

Inmate number: 984738

Charge: Assault causing bodily harm

Sentence: 3 years

Served:  1 year

Maxine is a male-to-female transsexual who, despite having undergone gender reassignment surgery and wearing a wig and make-up, looks unambiguously male.

Devastated after being rejected by her boyfriend following her surgery, Maxine responds by stabbing him resulting in time in Wentworth. That's one way to end up behind bars.

Her height and powerful physical build doesn’t go unnoticed to Franky in season 2 who initially wants Maxine on her crew but her allegiance in seasons 3 and 4 shifts to Bea.

Maxine is not a naturally violent person, however she will act to protect the vulnerable if she feels they are being unfairly treated.  Boomer experiences a softer side of Maxine and an unlikely friendship bond grows stronger in season 4.