Played by Celia Ireland

Inmate number: 072416

Charge: Manslaughter, dangerous driving causing death, driving under the influence

Sentence: 11 years

Served: 8 years

Liz is a down to earth woman who married into a wealthy grazing family. She appeared to have hit life’s jackpot, however she has always struggled to fit in.

Liz turned to alcohol to ease her insecurities and a family event ended in tragedy when she mowed down her mother-in-law with a tractor after consumer a bottle of vodka.

Separated for the last 8 years from her children, Liz was reunited with her daughter Sophie in season 3 when she becomes an inmate. Sophie has moved onto another prison in season 4 and Liz must find a new focus that comes in the form of a new inmate and a charming Detective.