Played by Tammy MacIntosh

Inmate number: 593802

Charge:         Intentionally causing serious injury, assault and kidnapping

Sentence:     On remand waiting for sentencing.

Served:         Four months

At first just a rowdy onlooker during Bea’s sentencing, Kaz Proctor is a perfect example of a dangerous effect just waiting for a cause.  Damaged by growing up in a dysfunctional household with a violent and sexually abusive father, further scarred by experiences with angry boyfriends, she’s come to believe that all her problems are caused by the violence men inflict on women.  Her intensity and hair-trigger temper make her a pretty difficult partner, and she’s got a string of failed and acrimonious relationships behind her to prove it. 

By the time Kaz learns about Bea, she’s been single for a long time. Kaz thinks that it’s time women defended themselves against violent men by using violence back against them.  And in Bea, Kaz comes to believe she’s found the perfect figurehead: a female victim of male violence who fought back. Unfortunately for Kaz, Bea doesn’t want that mantle.

If Kaz was simply a damaged individual, she would be worrying, upsetting, but not too alarming. But Kaz is clever, charismatic, and capable of charm when she’s not flying off the handle.  Though it seems she’s on a downward spiral, she’s got the capacity to take other disaffected souls with her and which the women and men of Wentworth will soon experience.