Tammy MacIntosh as Karen "Kaz" Proctor

Played by Tammy MacIntosh

Inmate number: 593802

Charge:         Intentionally causing serious injury, assault and kidnapping

Sentence:     10 years

Served:         2 years

Kaz is damaged by a dysfunctional upbringing - a violent and sexually abusive father, and experiences with angry boyfriends.

She’s come to believe that all her problems stem from the violence that men inflict on women. She thought that it was time women defended themselves against violent men. 

In Bea, Kaz thought she'd found the perfect figurehead - a female victim of male violence who fought back.

But Bea didn’t want that responsibility, and when Kaz was sent to Wentworth, the conflict between Bea and Kaz intensified.

When Bea relinquished the top dog mantle to Kaz, the pressure was on to maintain the status quo. An impossible task with Ferguson plotting revenge...