Pamela Rabe as Joan "The Freak" Ferguson

Played by Pamela Rabe

Inmate number: 580132

Time at Wentworth: 1 year as Governor, 2 years as inmate

Charges: Murder, 2 counts of attempted murder, intentionally causing serious injury, false imprisonment and 2 counts of perverting the course of justice

Served: 4-6 months at Sinclair (psych facility), waiting to stand trial

Joan’s strength is her determination to succeed against the odds.

She found a career in corrections and started as an officer. 

Her no-nonsense attitude won her fans in high places and she was fast-tracked to Deputy Governor of Queensland’s most troublesome prison, Blackmoore. This led to her appointment as Wentworth's Governor.

However, Bea’s escape made the board question Ferguson’s ability to keep things under control. 

Bea’s fearless rise to Top Dog provoked Ferguson to resort to harsh consequences for the inmates.

Desperation set in when Ferguson tried to cover up the murder of Jess Warner, by setting fire to the prison.

Ferguson returned to Wentworth as an inmate, on a quest to fabricate her innocence and bring down Bea and Vera Bennett.

She would stop at nothing to destroy the new Governor's life, using Jake Stewart and the other inmates as her pawns.

When Bea thought Ferguson had killed Allie, she sacrificed herself in an effort to finally bring down The Freak. 

Allie survived, and hellbent on revenge, she launched her own plot.

With the help of Will Jackon, Allie tricked Ferguson into believing she was escaping Wentworth, but instead she found herself being buried alive inside a wooden crate... it's unclear whether she survived the ordeal.