Played by Bernard Curry 

Time at Wentworth – recently transferred

Title: Corrections Officer

Good looking and easy-going, Jake is a breath of fresh air in the prison environment. 

He is from a family of correctional officers but isn’t weighed down in the darkness and doesn’t take his work home with him.  On the face of it, Jake’s an enthusiastic, committed officer. 

He is charming, charismatic and the life of the party and centre of attention. 

But this is a mask.  

At his core, Jake is a selfish, opportunistic chameleon, able to befriend and charm at the drop of a hat. 

His wry, laconic humour and matter-of-fact demeanour endears him to his male colleagues, and he uses his charm as a weapon of mass destruction on the women.  

He amazes Vera with his enthusiasm and optimism.  He is completely different to Fletch.  In fact, Vera has never met anyone like him.  As time goes on, she may regret she ever did....