Bernard Curry as Officer Jake Stewart

Played by Bernard Curry 

Time at Wentworth: 1 year

Title: Corrections Officer

Good-looking and easy-going, Jake was a breath of fresh air in the prison environment. 

From a family of correctional officers, he wasn't weighed down in the darkness.

Jake was an enthusiastic, committed officer.  Charming, charismatic, the life of the party and centre of attention.  But that was just a mask. 

At his core, Jake is a selfish, opportunistic chameleon.

Able to befriend and charm anyone at the drop of a hat, Vera was sucked in. They began a passionate relationship, and Vera was happy for the first time in a long while.

However, Jake can also be easily manipulated, something which Ferguson discovers and took advantage of.

Under the Freak’s power, Jake murdered the key witness for Ferguson’s trial.

Just when he thought he'd escaped her, Ferguson arrived back at Wentworth, where she continued to manipulate him from within.