Played by Nicole da Silva

Prisoner number: 220247

Charge: Intentionally causing serious injury

Sentence: 7 years

Served: 4 years – currently on parole.

She is gay, sexy and tough.

Despite her smooth veneer, there is fragile edge to Franky that comes from the adversities life has thrown and the people who have taken advantage of her in the distant past. Her ruthless drive to maintain her top dog position when doing time has cost lives and left others scared physically and emotionally.

Exposed as Governor Meg Jackson’s killer, she makes amends with Will Jackson in season three and forms an unlikely alliance with her nemeses Bea Smith when they decide to bring down the then governor Joan Ferguson.

An undeniable attraction develops between Franky and Wentworth’s psychiatrist Bridget Westfall, who is there for Franky on the outside when she is eventually paroled. Working for Legal Aid in series 4, Franky still has a connection with the inside, which she can’t escape.