Played by Shareena Clanton

Inmate number: 335571

Charge: Reckless endangerment

Sentence: 5 years

Served: 4 years

Doreen is an Aboriginal woman from an inner city community wracked by drugs, alcohol and domestic abuse. It was this tragic combination that landed her in Wentworth. Her unborn child died as a result of her chaotic lifestyle, however she has been given a second chance of motherhood when she fell pregnant after a brief interlude with a visiting male prisoner.

In season 3 Doreen gives birth to a son Joshua and decides to raise him in Wentworth.  However, Doreen makes the heartbreaking decision in the best interest of her baby, for Joshua to be raised by Nash on the outside.  She regrets this decision almost immediately.

Doreen struggles to accept Bea’s brutal treatment of inmates and loyalties are pushed to breaking point in season 4.