Played by Kate Jenkinson 

Inmate number: 515413

Charge: Causing serious injury intentionally, assault and kidnapping

Sentence: On remand, waiting for sentencing

Served: 6 months

Before arriving at Wentworth, Allie was an ice-addicted street prostitute who suffered abuse by her clients and whose pimp failed to protect her.

Kaz Proctor found her and insisted on taking her under her wing.  Fiercely independent, Allie had no interest in being saved by anyone but she was interested in the violent retribution the Red Right Hand was enacting. 

As a gay woman, Allie found solace being with women and emotional rest sprite from a lifestyle she couldn’t escape. Kaz let Allie live with her and together they attacked the various Johns who had assaulted Allie over the years. 

Having somewhere to sleep every night, and a purpose during the day, helped ease Allie’s drug dependency.  She owes Kaz a lot and now the crew have been apprehended and doing time in Wentworth, she is firmly in Kaz’s camp and her loyal compatriot. 

This isn’t Allie’s first time around the block – she did time at Wentworth ten years ago for assault – so she’s not flustered.  She injects a warm and disarming wit into the mix, even though it was inside that she developed the drug addiction that has controlled her since.