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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Sunday 1 Apr 2018

    16VLS Bea Smith goes from housewife to inmate and finds out the hard way that retribution in prison has fatal consequences. Starring Danielle Cormack and Robbie Magasiva.

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      • Tuesday 24 Jul 2018

      MVL New Season: Franky fights to prove her innocence, while the aftermath of the escape drives the staff into conflict.

      • Tuesday 31 Jul 2018

      16VL Sonia returns from near death, hell bent on revenge against her poisoner. On the outside, Franky uncovers evidence to prove her innocence, but the police net is tightening.

      • Tuesday 7 Aug 2018

      MVL Kaz faces her toughest challenge when she warns Hutch to stop fight club. Sonia continues her battle for freedom by manipulating both Liz and Vera into doing her bidding.

      • Tuesday 14 Aug 2018

      MVL A new inmate arrives in Wentworth, and unsettles both Allie and Kaz. Meanwhile, Sonia will go to any length to reopen her Green Wall workshop.

      • Tuesday 21 Aug 2018

      16VL As Vera contemplates abortion, she finds herself criticised by the press for reopening the workshop. When Jake selflessly saves Liz's life, she is forced to reassess her opinion of him.

      • Tuesday 28 Aug 2018

      16VL As Sonia tries to spin her "Angel of Wentworth" PR into an innocence campaign, Kaz and Will form an alliance to derail her. Meanwhile Liz deteriorates, becoming a target of the other prisoners.

      • Tuesday 4 Sep 2018

      16VL When Sonia is refused entry into Protection, she goes on the attack, setting up a plan to discredit Kaz's position as Top Dog. With Marie onside, they set a scheme in motion, which may have drastic repercussions for Allie.

      • Tuesday 11 Sep 2018

      16L When Ruby and Allie get close, Marie sets her targets on Ruby. Meanwhile, Vera becomes convinced that Jake is stalking her.

      • Tuesday 18 Sep 2018

      16VLS When Vera discovers a shocking secret, she must decide whether to tell police, or enter into a conspiracy. Meanwhile, Rita is caught in a trap set by Marie and Drago.

      • Tuesday 25 Sep 2018

      16C Liz's life is in danger when Drago discovers she witnessed the attack on Cherry Li. Meanwhile, Vera, Will and Jake face a blackmail threat - someone else knows their dark secret.

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