Sergeant Maaka (centre) started the Paranormal Unit

Sergeant Maaka

Maaka’s koro used to tell him spooky stories so he’s always believed in the paranormal.

A career cop, he rose to the rank of Sergeant relatively young and he’s both feared and respected by the officers in his department.

Maaka has kept files on the paranormal for many years.

With strange cases mounting up, he’s finally decided the time is right to invite Minogue and O’Leary to be a part of the Wellington Police Paranormal Unit.

Officer Minogue

Officer Minogue

Minogue is delighted to be part of the first paranormal unit of the Wellington Police.

Ever since his brother Adam dressed up as a ghost one Christmas when he was 7, he’s always believed in the supernatural – unless someone tells him it’s rubbish, in which case he’ll just go along with that then.

Minogue’s a good cop, but let’s just say he’s not going to win New Zealand’s Most Intelligent Police Officer competition this year, or any other year.

Officer O'Leary

Officer O’Leary

O’Leary is an excellent police officer.

Unlike Minogue she doesn’t believe in the supernatural, but over the course of filming this series, she sees things that clearly expel that view. This doesn’t faze her though.

She just wants to make sure the people of Wellington are protected at all costs because that’s her job.

But although she’s brave, she’s not stupid. If she’s in danger, she’s more than willing to leg it.

Wellington Paranormal starts Wednesday 11 July at 8.30pm on TVNZ 2.