Welcome to Cardboard City

In a world made entirely of cardboard, citizens face daily blockbuster style disasters. Unfortunately, the Cardboard City Fire Department is on the case. Featuring the voice talents of Jeremy Wells, Jacinda Ardern, Mihingarangi Forbes, Toni Street, Matt Heath and Leigh Hart.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Robot Attack - Part 1

    G The Cardboard City Fire Department struggle to save their cat Bubbles from being stuck up a tree but a much larger threat looms.

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      • Alien Invasion - Part 1

      G A giant alien spaceship arrives in Cardboard City, but Chief thinks it is just a weather balloon.

      • Alien Invasion - Part 2

      G It is not a weather balloon - it's a spaceship that shoots fireballs. Chief's first thought is to save Bubbles the cat.

      • Alien Invasion - Part 3

      G With the city under threat, Chief and Bubbles the cat flee - leaving Betsy and Double Lucky Dave to deal with the aliens.

      • Alien Invasion - Part 4

      G Professor Brainsburger's plan to disable the aliens' weapons might just work... but it might not too.

      • Alien Invasion - Part 5

      G The Chief returns - but can the Fire Department defeat the aliens?

      • Super Heroes - Part 1

      G While helping transport radioactive waste, the Cardboard City Fire Department comes under attack from criminal Edie McGurk and a minor accident causes a big problem.

      • Super Heroes - Part 2

      G The Fire Department have survived the radioactive explosion... but criminal Edie McGurk has developed super electrical powers!

      • Super Heroes - Part 3

      G The Fire Department undergo tests to see if they have developed their own superpowers to take on Edie McGurk - but will they work as a team?

      • Super Heroes - Part 4

      G Edie McGurk sets a trap for our three heroes - will they finally work as a team to save the lives of their beloved pets?

      • Super Heroes - Part 5

      G Can our heroes overcome Eddie McGurk and will their superpowers see them through?