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Waka Huia is an iconic archival documentary series recording the unique stories and histories of Maori for all New Zealanders.

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    Sunday 22 Apr 2018
    • Wairangi Jone

    G Father, coach, kaumatua and teacher. Wairangi Jones (Te Arawa) shares stories of Tuhourangi, waka ama and triumph over death.

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      • Te Hiko-O-Te Rangi

      G .

      • Nanny Hariata

      G Nanny Hariata is a mentor and true artist of the 'karanga'. She shares her life story and her many accomplishments with Waka Huia which ultimately contributed to her becoming a Queen's medal recipient.

      • Te Ru Wharehoka

      G Waka Huia pays homage to renown Taranaki leader Te Ru Wharehoka as we talk to his wife and kids about the legacies he left behind for his immediate family and the nation.

      • Aniwhatanga Hare

      G The establishment of Te Kura Maori-a-rohe o Waiohau has been a lifetime commitment for Aniwhatanga Hare, and is now a place for her kids, grandkids and great grandchildren.

      • Nuia Taratu

      G Nuia Taratu was to receive her moko kauae to mark King Tuheitia's 10th Coronation but lost her husband suddenly. Two years on at the 160th anniversary of the King movement, Nuia is ready.

      • Brad Totorewa

      G He's Kiingi Tuheitia's toki, the King movement is his life. Brad Totorewa talks openly about his responsibilities, sacrifices and accusations that changed the direction of his life forever.

      • Te Hei Tamaariki

      G At the age of 80 she came back tenfold from a heart attack, Te Hei Tamaariki (Ngati Whatua) says that her will to keep her language alive, also kept her alive.

      • Kene Martin

      G A renowned tribal and family historian and published author of children's books, Kene Martin continues her passion for education following a lifelong teaching career.

      • Moki Raroa

      PG He's the boy that was picked on at school, but after a year of boxing classes it all changed for Moki Raroa.

      • Wirangi Pera

      G The Ringatu movement is 150 years old. The question is, how will it survive long into the future? The head of the movement, Wirangi Pera, reveals his challenges regarding the future of the faith.

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