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Waka Huia

Sundays at 10.30am on TVNZ 1
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      PGR Sir Timoti Karetu turned 80. We celebrate the gifts of life, language and longevity with an icon.

      G Arthur Adlam is the Ngpuhi kaumtua rugby player from the deep south with the heart of a lion, but even lions can suffer from fear and hardship from time to time.

      G He wanted an army uniform to impress the ladies, but there would be a debt to Tu (God of War). Ruawhitu Pokaia (Waikato) reveals how he came back to the living.

      G She learnt the art of taiaha and haka in Whareponga, a remote east coast village, and travelled the world. Hinetu Dell reveals why both men and women should fulfil the roles on the marae.

      G If a whale beaches on your door step, who do you call? Call Hori Parata, master of Maori resource management from Ngati Wai. Hori, 73, demonstrates the ancient process of flensing for whale bones.

      G Today we meet Ratana apostle, RNZAF kaumatua and self-taught illustrator Fred Holloway (Ngati Kuri). Fred recalls the gum fields and godwits of Northland, and segregation in Pukekohe in the 1960s.

      G In this episode we meet Babe Kapa; a tough rugby player from Kaikohe who loves his cute furry pets as if they were his own kids. With his heart on his sleeve Babe delivers a lesson in passion.

      G He was the chosen one raised with the wisdom of the elders, but it took a devastating personal tragedy for Elder Te Reo (Ngati Porou) to accept his fate as a leader for his people.

      G He's not a fighter but he'll knock out an opponent. Hone Turner was the hitman on the Turangawaewae league fields, but off the paddock he's a gentle giant who changed the world with his hands.

      G Pareaute Nathan (Tainui) reveals how weaving can heal, life on a spiritual highway and why she's a symbol of peace between tribes.

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