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Waka Huia

Waka Huia is an iconic archival documentary series recording the unique stories and histories of Maori for all New Zealanders.

Sundays at 10.30am on TVNZ 1

Waka Huia
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    Sunday 22 Apr
    • Wairangi Jone

    G Father, coach, kaumatua and teacher. Wairangi Jones (Te Arawa) shares stories of Tuhourangi, waka ama and triumph over death.

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      • Wairangi Pera

      G The Ringatu movement is 150 years old. The question is, how will it survive long into the future? The head of the movement, Wirangi Pera, reveals his challenges regarding the future of the faith.

      • Martin Rakuraku

      G Martin Rakuraku became a household name when he first entered his role as a Te Karere reporter in the 90s, although he excelled at journalism his real passion is kapa haka.

      • Romana Potts

      G With his wings filled with tribal wisdom passed on from his mother, Romana Potts is a man of the birds. A pioneer of contemporary dance and a teacher, his creativity sees him soar above.

      • Rakapurua Tamati

      G Rakapurua Tamati touches on the importance of being happy with oneself in the harsh reality of whnau suicide and shares with us his positive insights into the many events that shaped his life.

      • Bernard Makoare

      G "Our genealogy is the basis of all things." Waka Huia films master carver, Bernard Makoare, receiving his facial tattoo as a member of the Church.

      • Rotu Mihaka

      G Rotu Mihaka, a kuia who has dedicated her life to teaching waiata Maori and Moteatea reveals how she became the woman she is today and how her legacy was passed down by her whanau.

      • Te Maiatanga Edwards

      G She is the heart and soul of her family, especially her grandchildren. Te Maiatanga has spent her whole life helping others but she reveals to Waka Huia that even the helper needs help sometimes.

      • Pat Tauroa

      G Within the narratives presented by our sub-tribes to the Waitangi Tribunal, are fruits for our children. CNZM recipient Pat Tauroa (Ngapuhi) tells us about her work caring for her land and her people.

      • Anaru Kira

      G The mountains of Whangaroa are still standing within the house of Ngapuhi. Anaru Kira talks to us about the conservation work of his ancestors to ensure the future sustainability of his people.

      • Tony Littin

      G He is the white man that adopted the Maori world. Tony Littin is a unique person of Matawaia upbringing whose life has been enriched by the land and the people, this is his story.

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