The Vloggingtons

The Vloggingtons

Come hang with the Vloggingtons, four friends who make funny video clips from random moments in their days.

The Vloggingtons
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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Spinning Things

    G Kina does a video about those spinning things.

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      • How to Bust that Boredom

      G Flo, Kina, Roz and Marvyn find themselves in the backyard with only some old toys for fun - if only they knew how they worked.

      • Ways of the Ninja

      G Kina has just started at karate and believes he is now a full-on ninja instructor. But his lessons are interrupted by the hot water cupboard that's ready to blow.

      • Makeover My Best Friend

      G When Roz makes a big mess playing with makeup, her mum tells her things are not looking good if she still wants to get a puppy. Luckily her bestie Flo is here to help.

      • Keep or Chuck Challenge

      G Marvyn is about to recreate a scene from Space Kumara with his action figures until he discovers his mum has thrown them all out. Marvyn and his friends try to track them down.

      • Song Challenge Collab

      G Flo and Roz need to come up with a song for the Song and Step Regionals. Inspired by their favourite pop star, Vibez, they use the power of BFFs to come up with "what-evs".

      • How to be Epicool

      G Kina wants to win a Tangerine of the Day emoji so he makes a video showing how to be epicool. But is he really even more epic-er than the Epic Adventures of Captain Epic?

      • Unicorn Kitchen

      G When Roz, Flo and Lise discover their favourite show, Unicorn Kitchen, is cancelled, the three friends try to recreate it. Kina is also on hand to help... or not.

      • How to Win at Science

      G Marvyn needs an invention for this year's video science fair so he builds a robot to help him come up with something.

      • Secret Hairstyle Reveal

      G Flo and Roz are on a farm stay holiday where they have set up a hairstyle salon. Flo has come up with some great styles in the past and today the heat tongs are on to find the next hot look.

      • Not My Arms Challenge

      G Kina doesn’t believe it will be his fault if things get broken during a game of "Not My Arms". Will his dad agree? Kina and Marvyn dare to find out.

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