WARNING SPOILERS: Watch season two episode five here.

I have three small children; Leo started school this year, Gigi is at Kindy, and Arabella is 18months old – full of mischief and hell-bent on keeping up with the older two.

They are all close in age, especially my first two who are 19 months apart.

While snuggled up on the couch watching an episode of Victoria I laughed out loud at the sight of her sneaking out of her bed after sexy time with Albert and jumping up and down ten times to avoid pregnancy.

The Queen, and master juggler herself, Victoria.

It got me thinking about all the wives tales I heard while pregnant with my first born Leo and then after I quickly fell pregnant with my second baby Giselle.

Wives tales, ridiculous as they may seem, appear to hold as much clout now as they did back then. I can’t tell you how many times I was told that “it was not possible to get pregnant while you are breastfeeding.”

For the record, I can tell you that it most certainly is!

While I have no idea what it’s like to be Queen and all the responsibility that comes with that, I do know what it is like to mix the physically and emotionally demanding role of being Mum with holding down a job. Especially with back to back pregnancies and all the fun and chaos that ensues with that juggle.

Most of the time I fly from day to day by the seat of my pants hoping to keep it together.

Sometimes I get there, and many times I do not…

Such as the time I decided that due to it being an unusually busy weather forecast I would save time by skipping expressing breastmilk as I would usually do before we go to air… - aaaand I think you can see where this is going - …halfway through my weather presentation, I heard the directors voice in my ear “Um, what is on your top?...OMG! Is your boob leaking?”

Sigh! Due to a luckily strategically placed ruffle…I got away with it looking like a shadow. But certainly not my finest on-air moment.

But after all the “moments” when I’m less than awesome at the juggle, I still love the privilege of getting to do both and the challenge that it presents.  My children are my World and adore being “Mum”, but I also love my job and know how lucky I am to do both.

And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone, I feel Victoria must’ve felt the same.

I know I could've learnt a thing or two from her - a legitimate master of the juggle - with nine wee blessings in total, all while wearing that crown like a boss.  

Renee Wright

Renee is a 1 News Weather Presenter and mother of three.