WARNING SPOILERS: Watch season two episode three here.

Dear Queen V,

Can I just say you are a Girl Boss Queen through and through.

Where do you find the time to run your country, throw soirees for the scientific community while being a dedicated pet owner, raising an infant and now expecting Baby Number 2!

Congratulations! It's inspiring. Although, you do make me feel like I was the world’s laziest pregnant woman.

I mean I cancelled my Les Mills membership as soon as that second blue line appeared. 

Nothing seems to slow down Vicky, not even pregnancy!


Look, I don't mean to sound like those old fuddy-duddies that surround you, but I'm concerned you may be overdoing it for this next episode.

Organising a royal-themed ball on top of everything else?

Sheesh, I nearly canceled my wedding when I found out I was pregnant with my youngest three weeks out from my nuptials and I halved the bar tab straight away.

How dare anyone have fun without me? 

Vicky quite literally getting straight back on the horse.


You seem good though. I mean you literally got back on the horse straight away. No ouchies? That's impressive!

I did attempt to play Indoor Netball after Number 1. I just blamed the puddles on the floor on my sweaty partner.

Note to self: Don't try jumping for a rebound four weeks after having a baby.

Queen V you sometimes seem superhuman to me. Like those perfect Yummy Mummy's who we love to hate BUT then you went and redeemed yo'self girl! 

That thang with the Prince paying attention to Lovelace got you all funny in the head, and I could finally relate to that!

I too locked my husband out of the room at 2am because he dared to go out without his grumpy pregnant wife.

Funny where your mind goes when you feel like a swollen pumpkin. Nice to know we're really on the same page after all.

Ps: only one bout of morning sickness so far? You know what they say about that?! How exciting!

Love the Mother of 2 Fierce Girls

Nicole Whippy

Nicole Whippy is a New Zealand actress best known for her work in Outrageous Fortune and Nothing Trivial.