The blue-eyed Queen struggles with jealousy in this week's episode.

Episode 2  - Green – Eyed Monster

A insightful episode that encapsulates jealousy  - where Victoria must distinguish between reality and appearances, whilst finding the balance between running her company-oops-country, all-while learning the nuances of being a Queen, a wife and a mum. 

Credit to V; showing her strength, tact and diplomacy by weaving her will amongst her advisors and Albert while creating her own template for royal parenting & marriage – all of which is under the intense scrutiny of a host of crusty disapproving relatives and advisors.  Enter the magnificent Diana Riggs as the Mistress of the Robes, with her haunty appearance and her disdainful opinions and side quips of disapproval.    

I remember my own well-meaning rellies giving me ‘suggestions’ on raising my children.  I learnt to smile and appear to be considering, whilst doing what felt best for me. Now with me being a first time Nana, I am mindful of not imparting my own opinions too much!   

Belgium's King, and Albert's Uncle Leopold just can't seem to help himself from telling Victoria how to parent.

Victoria finding she’s pregnant again to her dismay, and believing Albert is showing a tad too much interest with a very accomplished woman, is feeling a mite neglected herself, so she turns to her old admirer and confidante.  I’m sure we all have a Lord M lurking in the backwaters of our life if not our mind.  Being  handsome helps and he values and admires her so is just the boost V needs to her flagging self-esteem. 

Victoria grows jealous of the beautiful Ada Lovelace.

I remember how emotional I’d got when sleep deprived and feeling isolated as a young mum with my husband away travelling. My very active mind would conjure up great scenarios to test the mettle of my husband’s love and adoration at times!

Its early days yet in this wonderful, loving, if volatile marriage with Albert,   

Quite frankly my advice to V would be - Albert is a keeper, and she chose well, as did I.

- Barbara Raos

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