Queen Victoria and Prince Albert hold their eldest child Victoria, Princess Royal

Name: Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa
Parents: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
First introduced: Season one, episode eight.
Born: 21 November 1840
Died: 5 August 1901
Married: German Emperor Frederick III
Titles: Princess Royal, German Empress Consort, Queen Consort of Prussia
Children: 5 daughters, 4 sons.

Affectionately known as Vicky, Victoria was born 21 November 1840 to Queen Victoria and Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

She was Christened Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa in the Throne Room of Buckingham Palace on 10 February 1841.

Vicky became engaged to Prince Frederick 'Fritz' William of Prussia in 1855. She was 14 at the time, he was 24.

At 17 she and the Prince married. In a move that would upset some of the Prussians, who had assumed that the wedding would take place in the Prince's home country, Queen Victoria insisted that her eldest be married in England.

Vicky and Fritz had 5 daughters and 4 sons:

  • Crown Prince Willhelm (Later Willhelm II)
  • Princess Charlotte of Prussia
  • Prince Henry of Prussia
  • Prince Sigismund of Prussia (Died at 21 months old of meningitis. Was Victoria's first grandchild to die)
  • Princess Viktoria of Prussia
  • Prince Waldemar of Prussia (Died of diptheria at age 11)
  • Princess Sophie of Prussia (Later Queen of the Hellenes)
  • Princess Margaret of Prussia

Fritz became German Emperor Frederick III following the death of his father in 1888. This saw Vicky become Empress Consort.

At the time Fritz had already been diagnosed with terminal cancer of the Larynx. He and Vicky served as Emperor and Empress until Fritz passed away, which was a duration of only 99 days.

Their eldest son Prince Willhelm of Prussia succeeded him as Emperor William II.

Vicky died of breast cancer shortly after her mother in 1901.