WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD - watch season 2 episode 3 here.

Right, we warned you. Here goes: 

Fans of the show are buzzing over Rufus Sewell returning to reprise his role as Lord Melbourne, but are the celebrations short lived?

Last episode teased that not all was well with Lord M.

The former Prime Minister was complaining of tiredness and weak left side. Nothing a steady course of leeches can't fix, right? 

It's a no from us.


Maybe not.

This week the doctor was back on another home call and it isn't good news. The fan fave is advised to get his affairs in order.

In other words, Lord M is dying.

If this warning from the doc wasn't enough, Lord M suffers what we can only assume is a stroke at Victoria's fancy-dress ball.

After this, he looks a lot worse for wear the next time we see him. When Prince Albert stumbles across him, he can't help but tell the Queen about his condition.

Prince Albert stops to speak to a very sickly Lord Melbourne.


This spurs a surprise visit to the now very ill Lord M.

Masked as a 'get well soon', this tear jerking exchange is really a goodbye between Victoria and Lord Melbourne.

He even comments on how much he has learnt from Victoria much to her surprise.

When she leaves we really got the sense that this was farewell.

Victoria was in dire need of some tissues, and so were we!


But is this really the last we'll see of Lord Melbourne?

In reality, William Melbourne did suffer a stroke roughly around when this episode was set in 1842.

It was also about this time that Victoria and Melbourne began to correspond a lot less. 

While this might be the last time we see the living and breathing Lord M in the series, he didn't pass away until 24 November 1848, six years after his first stroke.

So it's really anyone's guess, hopefully we'll get to see him again one more time!

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