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Prince Albert and his Uncle Leopold having a talk following Ersnt I's funeral.

It really wasn't a great episode for Albert this week.

Not even five minutes following the birth of his first son, Albert is whisked away to Coburg upon the death of his father Ernst I.

Whilst in Coburg, Albert's Uncle Leopold dropped a bombshell on the young prince. 

Approaching his nephew, Leopold opened up about his relationship with Albert's mother Louise.

Remarking at how sad she was, he confessed he had been a friend to Louise. When Albert questions the nature of their friendship, Leopold comes forward saying they had comforted each other during a time of sadness, around the time of Albert's conception.

In other words, Leopold got freaky with Albert's mum and believes he is his father.

The moment Albert realised what Leopold was saying.


But is there any truth to this?

Whether Prince Albert was legitimate or not has been debated at length by historians.

Albert was described as looking different in appearance to that of his father and brother.

He also inexplicably did not have hereditary syphilis, which affected both his father and brother.

There are also those out there that believe he was not legitimate, but that neither Ernst or Leopold were his father.


Here are a couple theories:

Albert's mother, Princess Louise of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg married Ernst I, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha when she was just 16. He was 31.

Ernst I was openly unfaithful to the young Louise, though it is believed she followed his example.

Their marriage was dissolved in 1824 and she was exiled, amid rumours that Louise had an extra-marital affair with Alexander von Hanstein. 

Both Louise and Alexander maintained that they were involved with one another following the birth of both her children. 

Though it is also believed that the pair may have lied about the timing of their affair, as to not put Albert's legitimacy into question. 

No one can really agree as to whether what Leopold said is true.


The other theory, and the one being raised in this week's episode, involves Albert's Uncle and Ernst I's brother Leopold, First King of the Belgians.

Leopold was widowed a couple of years prior to the birth of Albert. His wife, Princess Charlotte of Wales died giving birth to a still-born child in 1817.

He is rumoured to have visited Louise almost a year following the death of his wife, and coincidentally roughly nine-months before the birth of Albert.

Based on this timing, it is believed that Leopold could also be Albert's father. 

There are also diary entries of Louise's that remark at how handsome and kind Leopold was, so this doesn't fall outside of the realms of possibility either.

We'll leave you to make your own mind up.

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