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  • Vet Tales Episodes

      • Wednesday 1 Feb

      PGR Meg the Labrador has swallowed a UFO, Chocolate the horse is suffering from asthma and Mark and Stacey compete in a chilli eating challenge.

      • Wednesday 8 Feb

      PGR New Series: Stacey battles to save a severely injured hunting dog, Millie the calf has been mauled by a dog and the Mark and Stacey work together to change the gender of a cat.

      • Wednesday 15 Feb

      G Boss the dog has a nasty injury from a possum trap, the fire brigade are called to save a cat stuck up a tree and Mark and Stacey compete in a fireman's challenge.

      • Wednesday 22 Feb

      PGR Stacey discovers Marama the poodle has breast cancer. Mark tries to save a herd of pregnant cows from miscarrying; and the Vet North team dart calves amongst the dinosaurs.

      • Wednesday 1 Mar

      G Molly the dog is paralysed in a hit and run accident, Mark is having a busy day with pigs, goats, horses and a mauled cow and Stacey treats a tortoise with a sore leg.

      • Wednesday 8 Mar

      G Bear the Labrador has a sore leg, which turns into a really expensive problem and Mark travels down to Rotorua to help Stacey with a busy day on the farm.

      • Wednesday 15 Mar

      PGR Ruby, the corgi has cancer and Stacey tries to save her life, Nurse Bex's dog has a mysterious broken leg and Mark has a drastic solution for Stealer, the misbehaving horse.

      • Wednesday 22 Mar

      G Mark tries to save a girl's pet lamb, Stacey treats Max who has bad arthritis and both Mark and Stacey volunteer for the day at SPCA.

      • Wednesday 29 Mar

      G Mark treats a horse with a very sore leg, and Stacey operates on Sushi the cat who has skin cancer.

      • Wednesday 5 Apr

      PGR Series Final: Willow's leg is lame and Stacey decides to amputate. Meanwhile, Mark changes Shadow the cat from a male into a female.