Meet Tara, wife, mother, artist - but beneath the surface, she’s much more than that…. 

Tara suffers from Dissociatve Identity Disorder. She has multiple personalities, each one more different from the next, and they can show up on any given day. 

Stress is a trigger for Tara, and when she’s feeling upset she disappears, only to be replaced by somebody else. When she transitions back into herself, she has no memory of what her alter-egos have done. 

Let’s get reacquainted with Tara and her “alters.” 

Toni Collette as Tara


Tara’s a loving, loyal wife to Max and a mum to teenagers Kate and Marshall.

She’s a talented painter, specialising in wall murals.

She decided to stop taking her medication, because it was making her distant, so now her alters pop up more frequently than ever.

Tara makes vlogs when she’s lucid, so she can connect the dots afterwards and figure out what the alters get up to in her “absence.”  

Toni Collete as T


T is a fifteen year old girl, who loves a good party.

She’s kind of rude, doesn’t like hard work and is quick with the insults.

T gets on well with Kate, being roughly the same age. She raids Kate's wardrobe and generally leads her astray.

Crass and feisty, T causes havoc for Max. He often has to calm her down when she’s having a tantrum, or wrangle her when she runs away to show off and meet boys at the arcade.  


Toni Collette as Buck


Buck is Tara’s only male alter-ego.

He’s a man’s man, a trailer-park type chain smoker with small-town ideals. He’s rarely seen without a plaid shirt, work boots and a trucker cap.

He’s often rude to Tara’s family, but he reluctantly loves them, even going so far as to beat up Kate’s boyfriend when he mistreats her.

Buck claims he’s a bit of a womaniser, lamenting that his penis was blown off in the Vietnam War.

Tara always feels a little sick when she transitions back into herself after one of  Buck’s visits…


Toni Collette as Alice


Alice is a passive-aggressive, stereotypical Southern housewife.

She spends most of her time in a flowery apron, baking or doing handicrafts while secretly swigging gin straight from the bottle.

She claims to be conservative, but underneath the sickly-sweet exterior, Alice is manipulative and domineering. 

She believes that the real Tara should be overthrown, and that she’s the answer to all the family’s problems. 


Toni Collette as Shoshana


Shoshana is a 1970s feminist, an author whom Tara admires.

She speaks with a flawless New York accent, and is an accomplished therapist.

Shoshana first showed up when Tara was in college, and Tara thought she was seeing a great shrink, not realising she was actually talking to herself…

A neighbour reminds Tara of Shoshana is Season 2, and she makes a return appearance shortly after.




Gimme is a non-human character, thought to be a direct expression of Tara’s pent-up anger.

Like Tara’s very own Gollum, Gimme is nocturnal, animalistic and aggressive.

Gimme doesn’t speak, but communicates with a piercing scream, and appears to have basic literacy skills.

Alice tries to hide Gimme’s existence from Max, but he witnesses the creature in the middle of the night, urinating on Tara’s father.

Tara is horrified when she learns about this demented, animalistic side of her. 


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