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These fuzzy, funny creatures explore the world as a family, learning about humans but always returning home to their safe, cosy boat.

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    Season 1, Episode 1

    G The Twirlywoos see someone fill a glass with water, and get carried away finding their own containers to fill. Back in the Boat, the Twirlywoos have too much tea, and get full up themselves!

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      G A man is cleaning his car and the Twirlywoos decide to help with the foam! On the Big Red Boat, The Box visits the Twirlywoos and brings a cloud which covers everything in snow.

      G In an office, a man sits in a chair and spins round. The manager comes in and the Twirlywoos spin them both round and round! On the Big Red Boat the Fruit Tea Machine is all in a spin!

      G The Twirlywoos visit a garden with a dinosaur! Back in the Big Red Boat, The Robot visits. The Twirlywoos turn the Robot's key which causes the Robot to go up and down!

      G The Twirlywoos visit a noisy parrot. It squawks very loudly indeed! In the Big Red Boat the table and Fruit Tea Machine are being very noisy. The Hooter is noisier than everything.

      G The Twirlywoos visit a man putting up a poster - but it doesn't look right. Back on the Boat The Piece of Paper visits, Peekaboo and The Twirlywoos run and roll out of the way!

      G A man puts his phone in his briefcase; The Twirlywoos take it out again! The Stop-Go Car visits the Big Red Boat and keeps driving in and out of Peekaboo's house.

      G A man stretches his swimming trunks then places them in his suitcase. The Twirlywoos have a go at stretching them too! On the Boat, The Twirlywoo Screen shows something stretchy.

      G The Twirlywoos watch a man flying a model plane. Toodloo jumps into the plane and Great BigHoo grabs the controls! The Marching Band visit - but are they coming or going?

      G The Twirlywoos watch children let balloons go. The Twirlywoos have a go and float up to the stars! The Piece of Paper visits and folds itself into stairs and the Twirlywoos climb up!

      G The Twirlywoos are underneath a box watching a man load parcels. There is one box left to load but they are underneath it! On the Boat, The Very Important Lady visits the Twirlywoos.

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