TVNZ New Blood Web Series Competition

Please note: the following Competition Terms and Conditions were updated on Tuesday 24 April 2018 and 8.30am, and Monday 14 May 2018 at 10am to open the competition to both New Zealand citizens and New Zealand Permanent Residents.

The Competition details and these competition rules form the terms and conditions for the Competition (the Rules). 

1. What is the competition?

Television New Zealand Limited (TVNZ/We) and New Zealand On Air (NZOA) are excited to host the TVNZ New Blood Web Series Pilot Competition (the Competition). This is a nationwide search for a brand new series for TVNZ OnDemand.

You’re being asked to submit a proposal which outlines the web series you would like to see made (Proposal).  TVNZ will whittle down the entries and choose the Top 15 (Top 15). The Top 15 will be invited to participate in a 1 day workshop, where they will receive guidance from industry experts which they can put towards their Proposal (Workshop).  Following this Workshop, the Top 15 will have just over 1 week to resubmit their Proposal based on what they learned from the Workshop. A panel of industry experts across a diverse range of disciplines (Judges) will then select the top 5 Proposals (Finalists) who will receive NZD$5000 each to create a pilot episode of their web series (Pilot). Finalists will have 1 month to create and submit their Pilot. We’ll share all of the Finalists’ Pilots and then it’s over to the NZ public to vote for the one they want to see turned into a full web series (the Winner).

2. What’s the prize? 

The 5 Finalists will receive NZD$5,000 +GST each to create their Pilot.

The Winner will receive NZD$100,000 +GST in funding to bring their web series to life!


3. Entry period.

· Teams can enter their Proposals any time between 9am Monday 23rd April 2018 to 5pm Monday 21st May 2018 (Entry Period).

· The Competition will run from Monday23rd April 2018 to Monday17th September 2018 when the Winner will be announced (Competition Period).

· Submissions received after the expiry of the Entry Period will not be accepted unless prior written permission has been received from both TVNZ and NZOA.

4. Conditions of entry. 

· By entering the Competition, you agree to the Rules. You also acknowledge that the decisions of the Judges shall be binding and final in all matters relating to this Competition.  If you don’t agree, please don’t enter. 

· The entire entry must meet the specifications as outlined on and be submitted via the email address specified.

· You must be a New Zealand citizen or a New Zealand Permanent Resident. It is fine if you’re a Kiwi living overseas and entering, or you are collaborating with Kiwis overseas; however your Team leader must be living in New Zealand (Team Leader).

· The entry is to be made by your Team Leader on behalf of all team members (Team). If you are entering a Proposal that has been created with others, you need to make sure you have everyone’s permission before entering.

· All information about the Competition will be sent to the Team Leader. It is the Team Leader’s responsibility to communicate all information to their Team.

· If any Team members are under 18, the Team Leader will need to obtain the consent of a parent or guardian for the Team member to enter the Competition (and provide this to TVNZ if requested). All nominated Team Leaders must be 18 or older.

· The Proposal must be original work and the Team must own the copyright and all distribution/licensing rights for the Proposal, and have obtained the necessary permissions for any content which forms part of the Proposal. This includes all music, images and other material which isn’t created and owned by the Team.  If you are unsure what this means you can go to

5. General T&Cs.

· You acknowledge that entering your Proposal and/or Pilot does not guarantee selection of the work for publication by TVNZ and NZOA. 

· Sometimes things don’t go as planned.  If our Competition is derailed for any reason, like infection by computer virus, tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud, technical failures or zombie apocalypse, we’ll have the right to cancel, postpone or change the Competition.

· Until the Winner is announced, TVNZ can cancel or change the Competition or any of the Rules at any time for any reason. Changes will take effect when they are posted in the Rules.

· TVNZ has the final say on the Competition and the Rules. 

· TVNZ and NZOA respect privacy rights under the Privacy Act 1993. That means there are a bunch of rules that we stick to, particularly around collecting your personal information. You can read more about this in TVNZ’s Privacy Policy and NZOA’s Privacy Policy.

· These Rules and the Competition will be run under NZ law. 

6. The Proposal.

·  The Proposal should be a written document (maximum of 3 pages) and include:

1. a one-line description of your series idea;

2. a brief series synopsis of the direction your content will take;

3. why you believe people will want to watch it; and

4. a clear view of the demographic.

·   There is no limit to the number of Proposals you may submit.

·   Your Proposal must be a new idea. It’s ok if you’ve submitted your Proposal elsewhere before (e.g. another competition) but we’re looking for new and original ideas (so no season 2s or concepts that have been widely distributed on other platforms). For example, it can’t be the continuation or reshoot of your YouTube series, but it could be a new series developed around your YouTube character.

7. The Workshop.

· TVNZ will then choose the Top 15 based on merit e.g. originality, artistic vision, ideas are able to be reasonably executed with the budget allocated.

· Teams can nominate one Team member to attend the Workshop on Saturday 2nd June 2018 (over Queen’s Birthday Weekend). If no Team member is able to attend the Workshop, you can still resubmit your Proposal for judging.

· TVNZ will provide return transport to Auckland (flights or bus tickets, or transport as otherwise agreed by TVNZ) for the nominated Team member to attend the Workshop. All ground transfers and other travel incidentals are at the Team members’ cost.

· The Top 15 will have till 5pm Monday 11th June 2018, or otherwise agreed by TVNZ, to resubmit their Proposals.

· The Top 15 agree that we can take photos and videos of you to use for publicity purposes.

8. The Pilot. 

·   The Finalists will be chosen by the Judges. They’ll be looking for ideas that they think or feel:

1. will appeal to a New Zealand audience;

2. are original and engaging;

3. lend themselves most effectively to web series format;

4. the public deserve a chance to vote on; and

5. they are impressed with. 

· The Finalists will receive NZD$5,000 +GST each to create their Pilot. The Finalists will have until 5pm Friday 3rd August 2018, or otherwise agreed by TVNZ, to submit their Pilots. The Team will complete the required documentation in relation to the Pilot and the funding.

· TVNZ will provide guidelines on promotion, publicity and next steps to the Finalists. All Finalists’ Pilots will then be made available on the TVNZ website, with the general public able to view all Finalists’ Pilots and vote for their favourite.  The most popular Pilot – that is the Pilot with the most votes – will be declared the Winner on Monday 17th September 2018.

9. Rules for the Finalists and Winner.

· The Pilot must be original work and the Team must own the copyright and all distribution/licensing rights for the Pilot, and have obtained the necessary permissions for any content which forms part of the Pilot. This includes all music, images and other material which isn’t created and owned by the Team.  If you are unsure what this means you can go to FAQs and release forms will be provided directly to Finalists.

· If your Pilot contains original music then you must have evidence this music has been cleared for use in the Competition (and provide this to TVNZ if requested).

· By entering the Competition, you confirm that you, or your Team, will hold all appropriate rights to the actors, music, video content, other content and audio displayed in the Pilot. By entering, you release TVNZ and NZOA from any claim and all responsibilities relating to or arising from our use of the Pilot. We also won’t be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by you or anyone else in connection with the Competition.

· TVNZ and NZOA reserve the right to refuse any Pilot which they believe, in their sole discretion, may contravene any standard, New Zealand law or regulation.

· Your Team automatically grants TVNZ and NZOA the rights to use the submitted Pilot and any excerpt of the Pilot for promotional purposes for the duration of the Competition Period.

· You agree that we can publish your name and home town in connection with the Competition.  You also agree that we can take photos and videos of you to use for publicity purposes.

· You understand that withdrawing your Pilot as an entry is not permitted, unless otherwise agreed in writing by TVNZ.

10. Rights.

· All ownership and rights to the Proposals and Pilots submitted to this Competition will remain with the Team (unless other agreements are made between TVNZ, NZOA and the Team).

· The Team agrees that should their Proposal be selected by the Judges as a Finalist, TVNZ will be the exclusive licensee of the Pilot content for the Competition Period and the Team will not publish, broadcast or otherwise use the Pilot in any way.

11. Funding agreement.  

· The winning Team of the Competition will enter into  agreements with TVNZ and NZOA which will cover the NZD$100,000 +GST funding grant, details about production and delivery of the web series to TVNZ, TVNZ’s transmission and licence rights for the web series and other commercial terms.