The Hive is bringing together companies, communities and families into a singular mind. It's matching ideals and increasing the knowledge and caring of the entire world.

Sound perfect? For some people it is - others, not so much.

In this anthology series you will follow ordinary people whose everyday lives are affected by this technology.

There is Simone and Aaron, a young couple searching for a way to deepen their relationship - to Lani, a homeless woman who is offered a new community, at a price.

Two parents have attempted to reconnect with their teenage daughter, but not everything is as perfect as they’d hoped.

And in an interview gone wrong, the CEO of The Hive Project is backed into a position where she has to pick between her husband and the company she has grown from nothing.

In this exploration of human connection, our relationship and responsibility to ever-changing technology will be put to the test.

Created by: Ellen Jones-Poole