Jet runs into Sonny, an old school friend - and she reluctantly joins him in attending a ‘weekly friendship meetup’ called Hope’s Ark.

Held in a dingy community centre every Tuesday, Hope’s Ark is a haven for social outcasts and lost souls circling the drain of society. The main drawback being - Hope’s Ark also happens to be a cult.

The cult of Hope’s Ark is decidedly ‘a bit shit.’ It’s members believe that global warming is a sign from their god that the second Great Flood is imminent and they must build an ark in order to float up to Heaven.

Jet’s desire to not be in a cult is trumped only by her desire to save her brainwashed friend Sonny, and she reluctantly joins the cult in order to spend more time with him.

Hope’s Ark is a dark-ish comedy about finding a new family while trying to prepare for the apocalypse.

Created by: Brynley Stent, Nic Sampson and Rhiannon McCall