A florist with a penchant for reinterpreting Latin flora names; a butcher’s son who is only looking for ‘mates’; a masseur with a military background; an affable kiwi Filipino with a fondness for his robe.

This is The Woolston Complex.

We introduce Gene, and his quest for adventure, friendship and discounts at the Woolston Boutique Shopping Complex. Gene lives in a house bus in the car park. He wears his robe all day...

The series follows his interactions with an eclectic gang of shop workers and owners from the mall and gives an insight into how their unusual little community exists. Each episode will follow this unlikely group as they tackle and overcome new challenges together.

The character of Gene, played by David Correos, will star in all episodes. The other characters will all be played by one actor; Shay Horay.

Filmed in a mockumentary style, with cut away interviews, the comedy plays on the way we act in certain situations, versus how we think we act. It also plays with the classic kiwi low-key awkwardness.

Voting for the New Blood Web Series Competition is now closed, for more information on The Woolsten Complex head to their facebook page.