Diana Striar (Amanda Billing) is an experienced member of a secret “Sisterhood” of women who have the power to time travel when they have sex. Diana uses her power to fuel her series of sensationalist romance novels with extensive personal research.

After her most recent expedition she returns to 2017 to discover that it’s her turn to host a “Convergence” of Sisters, all from different times and places. She immediately plans to get them out of her life as quickly as possible, but Diana’s life is fully derailed with the arrival of first time traveller Bella (Timmie Cameron). After being involuntarily ripped from the loving embrace of her fiance Charles (Joshua McKenzie) in 1815 England, Bella absolutely refuses to accept the modern world and the prospect of betraying her love for Charles.

Diana will have to look after Bella until she can teach her a thing or two about female sexuality, and Bella will inadvertently teach Diana a thing or two about love. All the while, a mysterious man, Carter (Ash Jones), has discovered that The Sisterhood exists and is putting together a nefarious plan.

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