Starship Kids is a series of short documentaries portraying New Zealand’s most resilient and extraordinary children.

Each episode explores the playful and impressive world of a different child living with a disability, allowing them to share their experiences in their way.  

Traditional medical videos can be quite sterile and boring, but Starship Kids will tell stories from the children’s perspective. This means medical factual information will be simplified to only portray what the child thinks is important.

Our young characters are patients from Starship Children’s Hospital, and their challenges will range from well-known disabilities to more obscure medical conditions.

Our pilot episode Blood Sugar helped other children with paediatric Type One Diabetes, by giving them a collective voice to inform and raise awareness of the condition. Starship Kids will give a platform to impressive children who don’t otherwise have an opportunity to share their perspective of the world.

In the face of adversity, we will also explore their meaning of life, much like Dahlia’s simplistic understanding “when you’re alive, you play”.

The web series will be fun, educational and inspiring for people of all ages.

Voting for the New Blood Web Series Competition is now closed, for more information on Starship Kids head to their website.