"That POO is so old you could sell it on Antique Road Show"

Shop Girls is an 8-part comedic web-series created especially for TVNZ New Blood.

Shop Girls is a journey into the lives of regular gals placed in extraordinary situations, with the cut-throat world of NZ retail hanging over them! The humour is witty, sharp and full of things "ladies should never say". Shop Girls boasts engaging and endearing characters in an environment most of us, unfortunately, know only too well! 

The mini-episodes are centered on hilarious yet realistic situations, based on true stories. This is a peek-behind-the-curtain into the lives of the women who work 'the floor’ to sell you your favourite jeans, that hideous jumper and everything in between.

Our style is bold but believable, set mid-conversation: on the shop floor, in the procrastination lunch room, at the skuzzy skip and... the dreaded communal toilet (eg. Ep 1. ‘The Big Shit’).

Think flavors of the mock-reality style of The Office, the rawness of HBO’s Girls, and Seinfeld's everyday humour.

Voting for the New Blood Web Series Competition is now closed, for more information on Shop Girls head to their facebook page.