Meet Grandma. Also known as Mrs Ngaire Chambers, Suspect #6209 and “that damn woman who shot at me” by the police. Grandma is a national treasure. She is also Te Awamutu's favourite wine-soaked, Sunday school teacher and this is her chat show.

"Grandma Knows Best" stars ex-Miss Rosetown beauty queen and “reformed criminal” Ngaire Chambers as she interviews guests, asks the tough questions and enjoys sitting drunkenly in her chair. “Unless there’s another world war happening I’m not getting up, pass me my box of wine, dear.”

Like most, Grandma loves to help. Helping comes in many forms including giving advice, passing judgement, interrupting conversations and complaining about the government. Watch Ngaire as she talks to the most dazzling and disappointing of New Zealand’s stars and points out their flaws, most attractive features and their failures.

“Grandma knows best” is a comedy for anyone who has ever suffered with an insufferable older relative who refused to be quiet, nice or die. 

"I'll be dead soon so you have to let me talk. This'll be my last Christmas." - Grandma Ngaire, 1987

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