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Tree Fu Tom

Tom has a special type of power, Tree Fu! He uses this movement magic to transform into a tiny but mighty superhero and fly to the enchanted world in his back garden.

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Tree Fu Tom
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    Season 3, Episode 20

    G Tom helps Twigs collect different kinds of bark for his 'Bumper Book of Bark'. If Twigs is able to fill the book, it will turn into anything he wishes for!

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      G Tom and Twigs try to rescue Zigzoo from a 'sticky bug' which won't let go of his hand.

      G Tom asks Ariela to help him look after and hatch an abandoned egg.

      G Tom and Twigs are chosen by Treetog to learn a new kind of magic with the mysterious Red magic master, Muru! But first they need to journey to the deepest, darkest caverns to find a special red crystal...

      G When Muru is called away during a lesson, he leaves his magic time control stick behind, and Twigs can't resist playing with it - but things go very wrong when he accidentally breaks it!

      G Squirmtum is scared by strange noises coming from within the caverns, so Tom and Twigs go to investigate. Inside, they meet Rootle and Shade, two Dark Sprites who show them the wonders of their underground world.

      G When Twigs and Chezz accidentally break a strange machine belonging to Rickety, the Rangers go on a scavenger hunt to find the components to rebuild it.

      G Twigs tries to train his buggle, Whizzy, for the Treetopolis pet show - but Whizzy doesn't seem to want to listen to any of his commands!

      G While trying out some new spells, Tom and Twigs accidentally create a treenado - a spiralling tornado that sucks up everything in its path. Can they stop it before it destroys everything?

      G Everyone in Treetopolis comes together to celebrate 'Friendship Day'.

      G Muru asks Tom and Twigs to deliver a mysterious box to Treetog. He warns them not to open it, but the pair find it difficult to resist the temptation...

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