John Simm as Dan Bowker

When Dan Bowker’s son Alex tragically dies in hospital after being stabbed, Dan is looking for someone to blame. 

That person is Jon Allerton, the trauma surgeon who was treating Alex on the night of his death. 

John Simm plays the down-on-his-luck, grief-stricken father. He's a working-class man you can sympathise with and struggle to understand all at the same time.

From one moment to the next, Dan can go from devastated to self-pitying to completely unhinged.

Simm is well known for his roles in the TV dramas Mad Dogs and Prey or as Doctor Who’s nemesis The Master. 

When Trauma premiered in the UK, he had two new shows airing simultaneously on different networks, the other being Collateral, a drama also starring Carey Mulligan and Billie Piper.

Adrian Lester as Jon Allerton

Simm was the winner either way but Trauma came out on top in the ratings war.

Adrian Lester, who starred in the British dramas Hustle and London Spy, appears opposite Simm as trauma surgeon and father Jon. 

After Alex’s death, Jon becomes disturbed by Dan’s insistence that he is personally responsible for the loss of his son.

Something about this case has shaken him. Is Jon as blameless as he insists?

Trauma is written by Mike Bartlett, who also penned Doctor Foster, so think edge-of-your-seat, raw, human drama.

You can stream the full season of Trauma from Sunday 11 March.