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Transformers Robots in Disguise

Bumblebee and the squad lead the defense to protect Earth from their eternal foes, the Decepticons.

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    Season 1, Episode 1

    G Bumblebee begins what he believes to be a solo mission on Earth. He ends up being joined by an over-enthusiastic cadet and a sarcastic juvenile delinquent.

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      G Overconfidence leaves the Bee Team unprepared when they face a Stunticon that can fire guided missiles... on the desert ground above a nuclear waste disposal site!

      G The harried Autobots' Stunicon enemy proves more formidable and crafty than they anticipated, using his guided missiles to threaten a nuclear waste disposal site.

      G Grimlock begs to learn fighting methods from "teacher" Drift and puts them into action when The Autobots battle the Decepticon Prong.

      G After his reckless actions cause the escape of a dangerous Sharkticon weapons engineer, Sideswipe goes out of his way to recapture the 'Con and prove his value to the Team in fear of getting replaced by a younger newcomer.

      G The Bee Team unearth an artifact that has a strange effect on Cybertronian minds and turn the bots against one another.

      G Bee leads the Autobots against two Stunticons to prove he's as cool as Sideswipe and his "intern."

      G Sideswipe splits himself into two individuals that try to work together as the Bee Team pursues Stunticon Drag Strip.

      G Strongarm investigates thefts committed by Decepticons.

      G Drift's past surfaces when his mentor arrives on Earth to recover something Drift took from him.

      G The Autobots swap personalities after an experiment in combining goes awry.

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