The Pearson family

This is life.
Just a family, their past and present, their home truths and their emotional struggles.

This is real.
No cliché American humour, or over-dramatised story. It's deeper than that, a relatable reflection of families everywhere. 

This is emotion. 
You'll probably cry like a baby at least three times in every episode. Don’t worry, it's therapeutic.  

This is smart. 
The script is brilliant. The show jumps around in several different time zones, flawlessly, without being confusing. 

This is evidence. 
This Is Us has been labelled the #1 U.S Drama, with eight Emmy nominations to prove it. 

This is unexpected.
Despite being about “regular” life, there are twists at every turn. Without giving anything away, you will NOT see THAT coming. 

This is love. 
Beware, these characters will take you in and make you feel like one of their own. You WILL feel attached to each and every one of them. 

Season 1 of This Is Us is available to stream right here, before the Season 2 premiere on Wednesday 18 April.