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This Is Us

This is real... this is life... this is us. Honest, charming and full of heart, it's the drama that has the whole world talking.

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This Is Us
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    Season 3, Episode 1
    • Sunday 3 Mar

    PG Randall, Kate and Kevin find themselves on new paths as they each celebrate their 38th birthday.

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      • Sunday 26 May

      PG Beth's trip home to care for her mother sparks an unexpected realisation.

      • Sunday 19 May

      PG Kevin attempts to help Nicky; Randall and Kate reflect on differing memories of their childhood.

      • Sunday 12 May

      PGC Rebecca and the Big Three reckon with secrets Jack kept from them; Jack's Vietnam story continues to be revealed.

      • Sunday 28 Apr

      PG Randall's campaign comes to a close; Kevin meets someone from Zoe's past; Kate and Toby get ready for the baby.

      • Sunday 21 Apr

      PG Kevin arrives at the Ville his father served in; Kate pursues a new opportunity; Randall debates Councilman Solomon Brown; Jack struggles to get through to his brother.

      • Sunday 21 Apr

      PG The Pearsons have an unconventional Thanksgiving dinner; In the past, Jack, Rebecca and the big three spend Thanksgiving with Miguel.

      • Sunday 14 Apr

      PG Kevin and Zoe land in Vietnam; in the past, Jack and Rebecca take a road trip to Los Angeles; Jack's war story continues to be revealed.

      • Sunday 7 Apr

      PG Kate struggles with Toby's depression; Randall makes time for Kevin, who obsesses about Jack's past.

      • Sunday 31 Mar

      PG Kate and Toby try to keep busy while waiting for big news; Randall embarks on a new journey; Kevin meets someone from his father's past.

      • Sunday 24 Mar

      PGV A young Jack makes a decision that will impact the course of his life.

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