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  • Fun Facts about Queen Victoria

    Queen Victoria reigned for over 63 years during a time of social, political and industrial upheaval, and is still revered around the world as one of England's most beloved monarchs. To celebrate The Young Victoria, we've collected some interesting, little known facts about the former queen.

    1. Queen Victoria stood less than five feet tall, but was a formidable presence nonetheless thanks to her intelligence and direct manner. 
    2. Victoria and her mother, the Duchess of Kent, didn't have the best relationship. The Duchess and her advisor, Sir John Conroy, asserted control over all areas of Victoria's life growing up, keeping her under close supervision at all times - she wasn't even allowed to walk down a staircase without someone holding her hand! However, once Victoria became queen, she placed her mother in an isolated area of the palace and banned Conroy from her presence.
    3. Queen Victoria was actually born Alexandrina Victoria, but decided to drop 'Alexandrina' when she inherited the throne. As a child, her family nickname was Drina. 
    4. Victoria was the first British monarch to travel by train, when on June 12, 1842 she enjoyed a 25-minute ride. 
    5. She gifted the famous Oval Office Resolute desk to American President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1880. 
    6. Victoria survived at least six assassination attempts, few of which were close calls.
    7. After the death of her husband Albert, Victoria would go on to mourn for 40 years, retreating from public life and having his clothes laid out for him each morning until her death in 1901. 
    8. Victoria was quite the style icon, and started the trend of women wearing white on their wedding day. At the time, brides wore colourful dresses to get married. 
    9. She was the first known carrier of the blood clotting disorder haemophilia, which can cause excessive bleeding. In fact, since Victoria ensured her descendants married into other European royal families, the disease affected German, Russian and Spanish nobility.
    10. Despite being painted as a stern and serious woman, Victoria was actually a fun and humorous royal who loved to laugh, dance, paint and play the piano. 
    Emily Blunt as Queen Victoria